Upcoming Classes!


June 27, 6-8pm-full

We added a new class date, July 25, 6-8, call to secure your spot, (916)342-2075 or (916)276-2741

Take a trip with Dori from Everything’s Hunky Dor to a European countryside as we recreate two garden planters with old world charm. Using Iron Orchid Design products, we will stamp floral images on one pot, giving it a flow blue look. The second vessel will be decorated with botanical and garden motifs created from molds and paper clay. Both planters will be finished with crazing and aging techniques to give them a weathered patina and rustic charm. $70. includes instruction and supplies and as always Little Bird will provide nibbles and drink, please call or come in to secure your spot, (916)342-2075 or (916)276-2741